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NLC 2017

The National Leadership Conference brings Canadian homeschooling leaders together for a three-day event held in September of each year. Speakers address a variety of topics with the goal of encouraging and equipping you as a leader, as well as facilitating networking with other leaders from across the country. If you have been thrust into leadership and are looking for tools in order to work more effectively, or if you have been in leadership for a while and need to have your vision renewed, you want to be at NLC 2017! See you there!

When: September 7 – 9, 2017

Where: Québec City, QC

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HSLDA Member Registration Rates (before August 15)
Individual $200
Couple $300
Family – 2 adults, 1 Student (14 years of age as of Dec. 31, 2017) $450

HSLDA Member Rates (after August 15)
Individual $250
Couple $400
Family – 2 adults, 1 Student (14 years of age as of Dec. 31, 2017) $600

Non-Member Registration Fees
Non-Member Individual/Youth (14 years of age as of Dec. 31, 2017) $350

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Cancellation Policy
Fees are non-refundable, but they may be transferred to another attendee.

What does this fee include?
The registration fee includes: the conference materials, the off-site event Friday afternoon, dinner on Thursday, lunch on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday as well as coffee breaks.

Please note
-Entire conference weekend is open only to the adults and youth who have registered for the conference;
-Youth must be 14 years of age by December 31, 2017 and under the care and control of an adult attendee to participate in the youth program;
-No childcare is available; and
-Conference dress is casual and comfortable, with a formal closing banquet on Saturday.

Hotel info:

Room Rates
1 Queen size bed $114.99 + taxes/per night single or double occupancy
2 Queen size beds at $124.99 + taxes/per night single or double occupancy

Additional fees
$20 + taxes per additional adult
$12 + taxes per teenager of 13 to 17 years old
$5 + taxes per children of 3 to 12 years old

Telephone: 1 800 567-Jaro (7256)
Online: www.hotelsjaro.com

Mention group code #4081992 to qualify for the discounted prices!

Note: Rates are guaranteed until August 10, 2017. Hotel rooms are not included in the registration fee.

Off-site Event

During the off-site event, we will drive you to the St. Lawrence river, by the old city of Québec. We will board on the AML Louis Jolliet, weigh anchor to discover the history of “La Capitale” and its surroundings from the river thanks to a costumed guide personified as the explorer Louis Jolliet. From the Cap Diamant to the Montmorency Falls, along the shores of the St. Lawrence, we will navigate between nature and culture.

Speakers & Sessions

Philip S. Tuttle

Phil Tuttle is the President and CEO of Walk Thru the Bible, an organization dedicated to providing innovative Christian resources.  

Phil received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1980 and a Master of Theology degree in 1984. He began pastoring and teaching Walk Thru the Bible’s live events before moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 1992 to serve as Dean of Faculty. Phil also served as the Senior Vice President before becoming President and CEO in 2007.

As President, Phil continues to teach throughout the world in churches, conferences, conventions, and corporate gatherings. He is the author of Raise Up a Child; Crucible: The Choices that Change Your Life Forever; and, Detour: Finding Purpose When Life Doesn’t Make Sense.

Phil is a current member of the Wheaton College Board of Visitors. He is also deeply involved in his home church, The Bridge, in Lawrenceville, Georgia where he serves as an elder and on the teaching team. His unique blend of biblical instruction, real-life illustrations, and spontaneous humor makes learning easy and enjoyable. Phil and his wife, Ellen, have two adult children.

Session 1 and 2: What it Takes to Save a Generation – Life of Josiah

Judah’s young king, Josiah, inherited tough times from the generations before him; and, God worked through him to make sweeping changes for the good in his nation. If Josiah were living today, we would call him a millennial.

God can use anyone, regardless of age, to fulfill His purpose. In Josiah’s life, as well as our own, God’s Word changes everything. All it takes are willing hearts for Him to bring about a revolution in our communities, our nation, and our world.

​Leaders session: How Jesus Developed Leaders

​Jesus’ public ministry lasted only about three years. And yet, He left behind a group of leaders who have multiplied His message and ministry across cultures and centuries. In ​this session, we’ll examine who He chose and how He developed them.

Sam Black

Sam Black is an Internet Safety Consultant and Partnerships Director at Covenant Eyes, an internet accountability and filtering company. He is also the author of “The Porn Circuit: Understand Your Brain and Break Porn Habits in 90 Days”. Sam joined the Covenant Eyes team in 2007 after 18 years as a journalist, serving as a reporter and editor for newspapers and magazines throughout the United States. He has edited 16 books on the impact of pornography and how to protect families. Sam has been married for 21 years and has two children.

Raising Courageous Kids to Confront a Sexualized Culture

Today’s kids are being exposed to pornography early (8 to 11 years old) and often our pop culture tells them it’s a healthy outlet for sexuality. In this workshop, families will learn how to create a safe online space and encourage ongoing conversations that empower kids to not only look away from sexualized media, but also to confront our sex-obsessed culture. You can teach your kids to exercise and train their hearts and minds to be skillful, daring, and brave.

The Brain on Porn

This presentation is valuable to anyone, including: leaders, counselors, women, men, and teens age 15 and up. Attendees will learn why 70% of men and 30% of women say they struggle with internet pornography. Science shows that acting out with pornography taps into our powerful neurochemistry, and this can quickly lead a person to use porn habitually and compulsively. The good news is that the brain has a lifelong ability to wire and rewire itself. Discover why people become obsessed with pornography, and how to break the cycle of porn use.

When Your Child is Looking at Porn

When parents discover a child or teenager has been looking at pornography, it can be alarming, hurtful, and even frightening. In the confusion of the moment, it is important for parents to understand that these are not uncharted waters. Millions of parents have faced this situation. Millions more will face this situation in the future. The critical question is: will they face it well? Learn how to create redemptive conversations, teach on this difficult subject, and receive a free guide with scripts to help you do it well.

Youth Speaker
Join the Rebellion

Discover a new sub-culture that is daring, brave, and courageous. In a world that thinks sexy is cute and porn causes no harm, there is a growing movement among young people who are fighting for real love and shunning counterfeits. Learn the science of how porn kills love and how our culture was fooled. Then, catch fire to fight back against the lies and trafficking.

Sam Oosterhoff

Sam Oosterhoff is the Member of Provincial Parliament for the riding of Niagara West-Glanbrook. He is the Opposition Critic for Digital Government and the Associate Critic for Research, Innovation and Science.

Sam grew up in the Niagara Peninsula where he spent countless hours working on the family farm. He was also home educated along with his seven siblings, by his caring and inspiring parents. Sam credits his home education with challenging his beliefs and perspectives, and helping shape his political orientation and aspirations.

After getting involved in Conservative politics early on, he worked on the federal Conservative campaign in the 2015 federal election. Sam later moved to Ottawa to work as a Legislative Assistant and policy analyst for a Conservative Member of Parliament.

In the fall of 2016, a by-election was called for Sam’s home riding of Niagara West-Glanbrook. While simultaneously studying Political Science at Brock University and working part-time. Sam’s election to the Ontario Legislature in November of 2016 made history, and headlines across Canada, as he became the youngest Member of Provincial Parliament.

Now these Three Things

We live in a world where objective truth and meaning are considered quaint, slightly out-dated ideas. But consistent concepts of truth and purpose have the potential to transform individual’s lives in every sphere.

This talk will look at what leadership qualities are needed to be an effective voice in the public square, and how these qualities can be thought of in the framework of truth-based virtue ethics.

Youth Speaker
Just Do It: Defying a Culture of Low Expectations

Apathy has come to define the millennial and “Z” generations. As a result, the significant potential of youth is often overlooked or undervalued. In this workshop, we will examine some of the causes of these cultural and societal approaches to youth achievement, and discuss solutions to the challenges young leaders face in the 21st century. We will also consider the role of youth in approaching the issues of the day, and how we can play an integral role in shaping culture and public policy.

Rodger Williams

Rodger and his wife Karen homeschooled their four children through high school. He actively advocates at the Oregon legislature on behalf of the statewide Christian organization, and helped craft the current homeschool law. He is retired and spends a significant portion of his time doing independent homeschool research.

Defending Ourselves Against Attacks By Our Critics

While homeschoolers take it for granted that we give our children a superior education and that our children are safe at home, our critics disagree. We continue to be attacked with claims that the quality of our teaching is uneven and that homeschooled children have a higher rate of maltreatment than the general population.

In this workshop, we will see how recent research contradicts the critics’ claims. We will also discuss the discovery process that goes on in such research.

Albertos Polizogopoulos

Albertos Polizogopoulos is a partner in a full-service law firm in Ottawa, Ontario. He practices primarily in the areas of constitutional, commercial and civil litigation, representing individuals, businesses and corporations, financial institutions, universities, churches and charities.

As an advocate, Albertos has appeared before various administrative tribunals and courts including the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Court of Appeal for Ontario, the Tax Court of Canada and before the Supreme Court of Canada on multiple occasions.

A number of his high profile cases have received widespread media coverage in publications such as the Globe and Mail, Maclean’s Magazine, the Vancouver Sun, the Catholic Register and the Ottawa Citizen. Albertos also had commentary featured in media outlets such as the Globe and Mail, CTV News, Sun News Network, Faith Today and the National Post, among others.

The Changing Face of Freedom of Religion in Canada

We will review recent developments in this area of law and attempt to forecast where we are headed and how this may affect parental rights in education.

Michael Smith

Since 2001 Michael (Mike) Smith has been the President of the Home School Legal Defence (HSLDA U.S.). Mike graduated from the University of Arkansas and served in the U.S. Navy before attending law school at the University of San Diego. In 1972 Mike was admitted to the bar in California and later admitted to the Supreme Court of the United States. Mike and his wife, Elizabeth, began homeschooling in 1981 to meet the academic and social needs of their children. It wasn’t long before Mike utilized his professional skills to assist homeschooling families. Mike was one of the founders of HSLDA and also served on the Board of Directors for HSLDA Canada.

Gerald Huebner

Gerald Huebner, veteran parent of two homeschooled children, and now grandparent of homeschooled grandchildren, is from Manitoba. Gerald has served for many years at the provincial and national level in Canada and is the board chair of the Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada (HSLDA). Gerald serves to advance parental choice and the human right to choose home education internationally as chair of the Global Home Education Conference board. Gerald works in senior management in the Government of Manitoba. Although Gerald & Bev started homeschooling with the plan to do it for only one year, they instead experienced the joys and challenges of teaching their two children all the way to high school graduation. All of this life, work, and home experience gave them the credibility to also become involved in homeschool leadership at the local, provincial, national and global level. Gerald has spoken on home education in eight provinces and seven countries, and is a great encouragement to homeschooling families everywhere he goes.

Peter Stock

Peter Stock is the President of the Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada. For nearly a quarter century, Peter has been a successful pro-family leader and strategist in government, media and public relations. His experience with public policy, from conception to implementation, naturally progressed into protecting and promoting home education. For over 10 years Peter and his wife, Tarah, have homeschooled their four children. Peter shares the teaching responsibilities with his wife and ultimately understands the needs of HSLDA members.

A Vision for the Future of the Homeschooling Movement

Homeschooling continues to face challenges from governments across Canada. Yet the ever increasing number of families choosing homeschooling provides our movement a unique opportunity to revolutionize the political and legal landscape. Hear the new HSLDA President’s plan to foster a fundamental change in Canadian public opinion that will permanently reinforce our cherished educational rights and freedoms, and guarantee the future of homeschooling for the generations to come.

André Riendeau & Stéphanie Dupont

André was homeschooled from elementary school through high school. He graduated from the University of Ottawa and currently works in pediatric psychiatry at the Jewish General Hospital. He is happy to be the husband of Stéphanie, and the father of four young children that are homeschooled as well. He has been working with teenagers for over 20 years in various roles both in church and professionally.

Stéphanie is a young wife and mother who is passionate about homeschooling her four children. She also continues to work part time as a registered nurse in a Pediatric Hospital. Stéphanie is very aware of the demands and pressures that young homeschool families deal with in this society. She strives to help families successfully face those challenges in their daily lives. For many years Stéphanie worked with teens in both ministry and in her career; and, she wishes to inspire them to discover themselves!

Ray Strom

Albertan Raymond Strom serves on the HSLDA Board of Directors. His extensive experience of serving on various boards, including AHEA, makes him a valuable resource to HSLDA. He also is an entrepreneur, running his own business for the past eleven years. Ray has vast knowledge of geology, particularly in relation to creation science research. As such, Raymond is a unique speaker, broaching the topics of Creation/Evolution and Biblical worldview. Ray and his wife homeschooled their two daughters.

Youth Speaker
The Bible and Geology

Does the Bible talk about “real world” geology? Scoffers and doubters have long contested the idea that the Bible could have anything to say about this fundamental study of science. Curiously, the Bible is full of references to geological events and their results. We will concentrate on a fascinating event recorded in the New Testament that modern liberal biblical scholars have described as a “literary embellishment” or stated plainly, a myth or lie. Biblical statements are backed up by geology. Reference will also be made to a comprehensive study conducted by a team of Creation scientists (of which the speaker was a member) to show how actual data supports the Noah’s Flood narrative.

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