Whether you use the project-based approach, workbook or any other method, your child must learn to read, write, self-edit, and more. Language Arts, as mother tongue language, is a foundational subject and is indispensable for success in all other subjects. For this reason, your portfolio should reflect a great effort in this subject.

If you use a grammar workbook, be sure to save the table of contents of the book once it is finished. Furthermore, if it contains test pages or exercises representative of what was learned, you can keep these also.

With regard to writing exercises, it is important to keep samples throughout the year. It will then be easy to see the progress between the beginning and end of the year. You should also include the rough draft, the correction work, and the final draft.

Be sure to keep samples representing different writing situations. For example, keep completed copies of a book report, a research paper, an opinion or argumentative text, and any other practiced genres. This diversity must be evident, especially in high school but can be present for primary levels also.

A good way of putting learning into practice is to do learning and evaluation situations. There are many examples of these available on various web sites. You can refer to the previous article to this purpose.

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