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Welcome to the exciting world of preschool! Homeschooling preschool is really just an extension of what you are already doing as a parent. The games and songs, crafts and life skills — all of these get built upon as you intentionally choose to preschool at home. You’ve likely already been laying a foundation of numeracy skills by counting Cheerios, setting out spoons and cups for lunch, and singing finger-play songs. You’ve been establishing literacy by reading good books, teaching letters, and encouraging your child to recount the details of their day.

These are very critical years in your child’s development, and we at HSLDA believe that you are well-equipped to bring your child through this phase. We want to join you in your journey and support you as needed. Our FREE preschool membership is a great way to get the support and resources you need to tend to this job in the best way possible.

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Teaching Preschoolers

Is Preschool Really Best for your Child?

Would you like to enjoy another year with your preschool child at home?
You taught them to walk and talk, why can’t you teach them numbers and colours too?

Your preschool child’s chief desire is to build a close physical and emotional relationship with you. Not only is this what your child wants, but this is also what is best for his psychological development.

This cannot be achieved in a daycare or preschool setting.

Your child will learn most naturally, and will learn best, by learning from you, the parent.

Making a Decision About Preschool: Educating at home versus enrolling in public school
Homeschooling Your Preschooler: An entirely doable task

We Believe

-that parents are the best educators of their children;
-that learning is a natural process that can be enjoyable, especially when integrated into family life;
-that children do best when their family time, not their preschool or daycare time, is the central element of their lives.

Many other parents are teaching their children at home. HSLDA is here to help you get to know this community.

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