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Getting Started

Begin your home education with the right tools and advice.

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Gain confidence and get clarity on how to homeschool your child.

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Simplify your decision making and streamline your homeschool.

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High School

Find resources and guidance for independent learning.

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Properly prepare your graduate for the next phase of learning.

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Homeschool Groups

Join or begin a homeschool community in your area.

Professional Advice You Can Trust

Our expert Member Services Team provides members with answers to the big questions of homeschooling.

You Know Your Child Best

When you educate your child, you can quickly identify any exceptional needs and equip yourself, and your child, with what will give them the best learning environment. Get this handy list of warning signs for different ages to understand and guide your children in their educational journey. Developed by Exceptional Needs Specialist, Diane Geerlinks. 

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Enter your info to get the warning signs checklist.

Enter your info to get the warning signs checklist

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