Congratulations, parents! You have survived the early days of Back-to-School in Covid. Maybe it has been easier than you expected, and all is well. However, for many of you, the transition to staggered start school, alternating week schedules, socially distant drop-offs and pick-ups, quadmesters, masks and sanitizers, and hybrid in-person-on-line learning has been a rough road to travel.

There are many aspects to this that have been hard for parents and kids to push through. For some parents, it is a work-from-home issue, a childcare issue, or a health and safety concern issue. For the children, these changes can be anxiety inducing, academically inefficient, or technologically challenging. We have heard from many parents who are frustrated by the current academic options in their city and province, and are choosing to pull their kids out of school and begin to homeschool.

We strongly encourage you to contact HSLDA before you do so!

HSLDA is a national organization that protects and defends the rights of Canadians to homeschool their children as they see fit. We are experts in dealing with school boards and provincial ministries of education in every province, and assisting families in following the legal notification regulations in their region. We encourage our membership families to have safeguards in place during the transition home, as well as providing resources and supports to encourage you along the homeschool journey. Don’t homeschool without us! Membership with HSLDA has many benefits, not the least of which is to have assurance and confidence that you have followed proper procedures in bringing your kids home. It is our pleasure and honour to walk alongside you as you make decisions that are best for your family.

Knowing which paperwork to fill out and how to do it adequately is oftentimes a bit of a muddle: even more in these days when no aspect of public school is business as usual. Call us before you pull your kids out of school and let HSLDA assist you in getting the details right so that you can concentrate on giving your children the educational experience they deserve. Contact us today and discover how a membership with HSLDA can bring clarity in these confusing days.

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