You will recall that we were invited to two meetings with representatives of the Protecteur du citoyen (Québec Ombudsman), in the Fall of 2013. We have just received from their offices a link to their final report just recently submitted to the Québec Ministry of Education.

We are pleased to see that many of the recommendations in this report have taken into account the concerns we raised at our meetings with representatives of the Protecteur du citoyen.

Following are some of those recommendations:

•    more flexibility on behalf of school administrators for choice of educational material or approach, as well as for evaluation procedures;
•    Youth Protection Services (YPS/DPJ) should not be a recourse where it is strictly a question of administrative procedures (signing of a contract; lack of information for education plan, etc.);
•    practices should be standardized across the province;
•    better collaboration between parent-educators and their representatives, and school officials.

Read the complete report in French.
Read the summary provided in English.

You will read at the end of the report that the Québec Ministry of Education must take take these recommendations into consideration. Rest assured that we are also active at this level and we will keep you posted on any further developments.

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