Quebec Update: News from the DEM

Dear member:

We hope you and your family are staying well as our communities navigate the many challenges brought to every area of life by COVID-19.

We wanted to get in touch with a few updates and points to consider:

1.  The homeschooling community is incredibly fortunate that for the most part, we can educate our students normally. Homeschoolers all over Canada are continuing to provide an excellent education for their kids during all of this upheaval, and the concept of education at home has never been so widely discussed in mainstream discourse. Let’s continue to maintain our excellence! As we near the end of this very unusual school year, we encourage you to maintain your homeschooling normalcy as much as possible. In the absence of our normal extracurricular homeschool activities, consider taking this opportunity to teach your kids a new skill, or focus on an area where one child is struggling. Many of you may have an extra parent at home (albeit with work commitments), and we encourage you to get creative and explore how teaming up on your kids’ education can benefit them during this time.

2.  You are in a unique position to offer practical advice and support to parents who are new to the situation of facilitating education at home. Millions of children are now doing “school at home.” While school at home is fundamentally different from the structure, method, and philosophy of homeschooling, you have much to offer parents suddenly thrust into this situation.

3.  Many families have contacted the DEM and their homeschooling associations regarding the end of year evaluation. If you planned an evaluation with a teacher, we encourage you to get in touch with your teacher and inquire if he or she is able to complete the evaluation remotely. Rest assured that we will continue to advocate for the importance of choice in evaluation method and accommodations for families seriously impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. HSLDA Canada met with the DEM and other homeschooling associations yesterday to review a number of issues, including possible accommodations for this school year due to the current situation. Please get in touch with us and with your DEM resource person if you are experiencing significant difficulty due to COVID-19. We will keep you apprised of developments.

If you have any questions at all, or unique challenges we may be able to assist you with, please get in touch with us at 819-376-9739.


Manon Fortin

Legal Assistant

Louise Frazer

Member Services Assistant

Megen Zelinka

Legal Counsel

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