Reflections from new homeschooling parents

by Patty Marler, Government Relations & Media Relations, HSLDA Canada

Newspaper articles leading up to the restart of school in 2021 have shared that parents of public school students are feeling disheartened with the uncertainty and upheavals in the schools.  Fortunately, this is not the general sentiment of new homeschooling parents!

HSLDA checked in with new homeschooling families.  Many parents had initially felt that the only choice they had during the Covid-19 pandemic was to homeschool, but their experience educating their children at home has been so positive, that homeschooling is now their long-term commitment.

Pressure from schools or initial lack of confidence had some parents worried about their qualifications and ability to homeschool their children, but these concerns were soon alleviated.

Some parents discovered that their children were far behind academically,  and they took a step back to re-teach important foundational subject matter. Others simply jumped in, and the significant growth and progress in their child demonstrated the value of an involved and invested parent. Even parents homeschooling multiple children in multiple grades – some in high school – indicated that homeschooling was going much better than they ever could have imagined.

Parents shared that homeschooling is not as challenging or difficult as the online learning offered during Covid-19 at home restrictions.  Homeschooling meant students had fewer distractions and were able to focus better and excel in their studies. One parent noted that her child, who had been experiencing persistent headaches and anxiety during online learning, was no longer experiencing these health issues. Another parent noticed her child’s confidence increase drastically, as her child was no longer exposed to bullying at school. Both parents and students are happier.

Parents have found that the information and support available to them at has been extremely beneficial as they embark upon their homeschooling journey. They were also excited to learn about the list of resources available to them as HSLDA members, including our digital library, information on provincial laws, and peace of mind knowing that the HSLDA team is there to support them as they navigate their homeschooling journey.

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