Everyone loves to measure success. Everyone loves to have a way of judging and evaluating progress and growth. The school system is no different. Whether your children are enrolled in public, private, Christian, or home school, you will want to know what they have accomplished and ‘where they are at’ academically.

However, given the very distinct differences in each of these education models, it is unhelpful to use the same measuring stick to evaluate the success of each program. Yet, when it comes time for provincial notifying, homeschoolers are stuck trying to evaluate their year and to report on what has been accomplished based on what the public schools have done and have accomplished.

Therefore, in this week’s video update HSLDA President, Paul Faris, discusses reporting and notifying in light of the very different approaches to education in the homeschool and public school settings.

Having HSLDA involved at reporting and notifying times is so helpful so that you can know how much or how little info to pass along as well as what kinds of information to share with the school boards.

In the comments, will you please let us know of your experience in reporting and notifying with the school board? What kind of information did they ask for? Have you used HSLDA’s forms and templates in notifying? Let us know about your experiences. And ask your questions, too. It will all be a great help to the other homeschoolers who, like you, want to do this piece of homeschooling well. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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