Home School Legal Defence Association Of Canada

If you haven’t had questions from family and neighbours (and maybe complete strangers!) about your fitness to homeschool up to this point, surely you will as your children enter the secondary years. Even the most intrepid of homeschooling parents have second thoughts at this stage of the journey. The subject matter is more complicated, and the decisions to make are more weighty. You want to prepare your child for postsecondary and a career: is homeschooling still the right choice?

At HSLDA, we would say, yes, homeschooling through high school is a real benefit to the child and to the family as a whole. President Paul Faris relates his experience of being homeschooled through high school on our vlog.

Our members know that help is always just a phone call away, and our member site is full of resources and insight that will help them navigate the secondary years. We have made sure that our members know the high school options available to them, how to individualize a high school program for their child’s needs and interests, and how to prepare transcripts.

High school can be an extremely rewarding time for a homeschooling family. If you are questioning your decision to persevere through these years, contact our office, or become a member, so that you do not need to homeschool high school on your own. HSLDA makes homeschooling (even through high school) better!

There are so many priceless benefits of membership with HSLDA! Why are you homeschooling without us? Read on to discover all that HSLDA has in store for you!

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