Quebec has announced that sex education will be back in schools this year. However, this subject content will not be taught within the context of one specific course, but rather will be integrated throughout many different subjects and courses. This implies—and the Ministry of Education confirms it—that an exemption from sex-ed teaching is not possible.

In light of this news, it is to be expected that at least a few families will seriously consider the possibility of homeschooling, while others who are already doing so will feel encouraged that they have made the right decision. Indeed, this new classroom policy does not affect homeschooled children; a representative of the Ministry of Education has established that parents who homeschool are not required to follow the provincial program in this matter.

At HSLDA, we believe that parents are in the best position to oversee the education of their children, especially when it concerns a question of moral values. We know that parent-educators attend to the needs of their children in this regard also. Parents know better than anybody if their child is ready for certain information or not, and if they are ready to distinguish between discrimination and personal life choices.

National Post article

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