For just over 3 months I’ve enjoyed rolling up my sleeves and going full throttle as HSLDA’s new president. It was a pleasure meeting fellow homeschoolers during the past conference season and I’m grateful for your mutual enthusiasm.

For over 20 years HSLDA has been the premier voice for Canadian homeschoolers and I will continue to utilize my experience to support our families. Whether we’re responding to local school board requests or meeting with lawmakers, great things can happen when we work together. As you know, the recent proposed changes to the education laws in Quebec have the potential to create a rippling effect across the country. Our team will continue to work diligently with the key stakeholders, but we still need your help.

Find out in my latest video how you can help make a positive difference for homeschooling families like yours. Together we can help shape the future of home education in Canada.


HSLDA: the partner in your homeschooling success.

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