Homeschool Support Groups

Strength from community and collaboration.

Are you feeling alone or isolated? Taking the time to build relationships and connect with other  homeschool families is valuable. Strength, friendship, and wonderful learning experiences can be found in the joy and collaboration of a homeschool community. Homeschool groups can be structured or informal, academic or social, event based or year long. Homeschoolers can organize parent support groups, teen social clubs, athletic teams, field trips, conferences and many more creative activities.  The key is to find out what is happening in your area and take part. 

And, if you can’t find a group in your area, consider starting one. The HSLDA Member site has a Group Start-Up Kit with practical information, legal guidance, and information on insurance options. You may be just the person to grow community and strengthen homeschooling in your area.

Find Community Through Your Provincial Group

Joining your provincial association is a terrific way to get involved in the wider homeschool community, make local contacts, and find out about educational resources in your area. For maximum encouragement and community boost, attend a conference organized by your association.

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