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Middle School Mayhem

Navigating through the Change with Home Education By: Dinah Whitton Parents of middle school children are often caught off guard during this poignant developmental stage. Home educators can take advantage of having more time to observe their children and...

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The Middle School Transition

From Public School to Homeschool By Dinah Whitton Making the decision to homeschool can be quite the involved process. Making that decision while your child is already in middle school adds another layer to this important thought process. The...

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Beginning Your Homeschool Journey

With an abundance of homeschooling information available, even researching your options can seem like a daunting task. Curriculums, support groups, provincial regulations, and so much more can be uncovered by one simple online search. Fortunately, you don’t have to...

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When Homeschoolers Receive a Summons for Jury Duty

  Part of being a contributing citizen is being willing to serve on a jury upon request. It is a civic duty to respond to a jury summons and participate in the process if chosen. While most of us...

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Homeschool Dad & HSLDA President on the Benefits of Home Education

My first impression of home education came from a staggering statistic about homeschool graduates in an Ivy League school. Fast forward to marriage and 4 children, the decision to homeschool came with much research and consideration. It’s been over...

Documenting the “Extras” throughout the Year

We are seeing in the other articles of this series how to prepare the structure of the portfolio for each child. Over the next several months, we will talk about the details of each subject to carefully document them....

Portfolios: Language Arts at its best

Whether you use the project-based approach, workbook or any other method, your child must learn to read, write, self-edit, and more. Language Arts, as mother tongue language, is a foundational subject and is indispensable for success in all other...

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When Dad takes on the teaching role

One of the most significant benefits of homeschooling is that a family can design school and home life in such a way that the individual needs of that family are met. In some cases, the best thing to meet...

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A disappointing decision from the Youth Division of the Court of Quebec

By Jean jr. Landry. On September 16th, the tribunal gave judgement regarding one of our members who was defending his right to offer, at home, an education tailored to his children’s needs. We have introduced you to this story...

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