Terms & Conditions


Membership Agreement

By submitting this Application, we agree to:

  1. Exercise diligence in teaching our children.
  2. Keep records appropriate to our method of homeschooling, documenting each child’s educational progress, which HSLDA Canada could access to confirm that we are meeting our legal requirements to educate our children.
  3. Notify HSLDA Canada immediately of any homeschool-related legal issues such as threatened or actual legal action, or contact between us and social services, school boards, or other agencies.
  4. Provide complete and accurate information on this form and in all future dealings with HSLDA Canada.

We understand that:

  1. HSLDA Canada reserves the right to deny applications for membership for a number of reasons, including but not limited to professional reasons such as a conflict of interest or misleading information from the applicant for membership.
  2. Membership with HSLDA Canada gives us the right to contact HSLDA Canada and obtain legal advice from the HSLDA Canada lawyers. Membership does not automatically establish a solicitor-client relationship between HSLDA Canada lawyers and us, the members, until we consult with a lawyer.
  3. HSLDA Canada lawyers are available for summary legal advice on preventative, protective, pro-active or procedural measures about our legal issues related to or having a potential impact on our homeschooling. If further legal services are required after the initial advisory consultation, we understand that we will be asked to sign a retainer agreement. These additional legal services occur within a limited scope retainer. No extra fees will be charged for additional services.
  4. HSLDA Canada is not an insurance company and cannot guarantee legal representation in every situation. Membership gives us the right to a limited scope retainer for legal advice and services and does not cover legal representation.
  5. HSLDA Canada lawyers may handle the entire case on our behalf and represent us. If we request, and the lawyer agrees to handle the entire case, we and the lawyer would enter into a traditional retainer agreement. No extra fees will be charged.
  6. HSLDA Canada lawyers do not offer legal services relating to family law (custody and access, divorce, etc.), although they can provide legal information about the family law process.
  7. Legal services are only available for issues that arise after our membership has been approved.
  8. Applications will not be processed until full payment is received. No refund of membership fees, in whole or in part, is available once our membership is approved.
  9. Membership does not begin until our membership application is approved. If approved, our new member package will arrive within 2 – 4 weeks.
  10. Yearly memberships are for a period of 12 months and may not be cancelled. Monthly memberships run continuously until HSLDA Canada receives from us a written cancellation notice 30 days prior to our next scheduled payment.
  11. “Lifetime” Memberships are not transferable or refundable; membership will continue as long as we want to partner with HSLDA Canada on our homeschooling journey and as long as HSLDA Canada continues to offer services to homeschoolers.
  12. Membership benefits apply to our immediate family only.



Refer-a-Friend Program

  1. The referring HSLDA member’s name and number is required on the friend’s new membership application.
  2. The new member cannot have previously been an HSLDA member at anytime.
  3. This rebate does not apply to monthly memberships or free memberships.
  4. Rebate cheques will be mailed in approximately 4-6 weeks.