Hi everyone and welcome to our second video blog. In this second video I talk about some of key areas to consider as you homeschool to ensure you start and finish well. Here I walk through four main stages of homeschooling:

  1. Considering the home schooling choice
  2. Starting to homeschool well and knowing what you need to do
  3. Navigating the difficulties that may come up
  4. Graduating from homeschooling and finishing well

We want to help you realize your full potential as homeschoolers to have the life that you are called to and ensure you get the support you need when you need it.

There are many things that come up along the way that we can help with and direct you to the answers you need. Thanks for watching.

What’s been your #1 challenge as you have navigated through some or all of these steps? Feel free to comment on our blog so we can continue this conversation together.


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