Over the last few months, HSLDA has provided several updates on the status of Trinity Christian School and Wisdom Homeschooling in Alberta. The political and legal details of the closure of Wisdom affected 3500 students. As always, HSLDA is actively involved in this situation for the benefit of homeschooling families in Alberta, but also as a preemptive measure for all of Canada. There are concerns that this closure of Wisdom is evidence of a broader movement against homeschooling in Alberta.

In this week’s vlog, Lisa McManus, HSLDA Legal Counsel, gives an overview of the timeline of key dates in the Wisdom issue, including what AHEA is currently doing to promote a positive understanding of homeschooling.

Also, we are encouraging members to meet with their MLAs in a positive, non-confrontational way, in order to introduce homeschooling to the members of the provincial government. This is particularly helpful in Alberta where the political climate seems to be turning increasingly unfavourable towards homeschooling. But this is a good idea across Canada. When educators and policy makers see and understand that homeschooling provides individualized education for children and allows for both academic and extracurricular growth and success, they will act more favourably towards the homeschool movement.

HSLDA members can stand confident that they have a voice in the legislatures across Canada. HSLDA is speaking for you and is ensuring that you are free to continue on with the great work you are doing at home.

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