Welcome to our newest addition to the Vlog! This week, Paul Faris speaks from the heart about why he and his wife, Suzanne, homeschool their children.

It is not a difficult task to prove the value of homeschooling from a ‘head knowledge’ standpoint. Homeschooling just makes sense and has research to prove it. Our website has a complete record of all the research done on homeschooling that proves that educating our children at home makes a great, positive difference in every measure.

But Paul takes time to remind us this week of the heart behind our homeschool. Surely you would agree that the decision to homeschool is not made simply on account of the appealing facts and figures. Homeschooling is about building real relationships, sharing real values, and leaving a real legacy.

Enjoy this visit with Paul Faris. It is a very personal, encouraging, and inspirational message. Perhaps it is just the timely word you need to get you through the a dry period of your homeschooling, or to remind you of why you started homeschooling in the first place.

And we are very interested in hearing your story of why you homeschool. Please share your story in the comments here on the blog, and let’s remind each other of all the benefits to homeschooling.

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