When you tell people that you are going to begin homeschooling, so often the question you hear in response is, “What about high school?” Whether you are at the stage in your homeschooling journey to answer that question or not, rest assured that the benefits to homeschooling through high school are many!  Our website is full of encouraging resources to support you in your journey through high school. Consider taking time this week to read through the research and to familiarize yourself with the practical resources that will support you as you homeschool through high school.

In the meantime, enjoy this insight from our president. Paul Faris takes time this week to share from his personal experience of being homeschooled through high school and the critical turning point, academically, that being educated at home made in his life.

Be inspired by Paul’s story. And would you also share your story below in the comments? Why did you homeschool through high school? Or why are you choosing not to homeschool through high school? We’d love to hear from you!

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