Certainly one of the most frequently stated questions or criticisms regarding homeschooling is “What about socialization?”. In this week’s video update, Paul Faris informs us that that was not always the major issue that it is today.

Of course, just as with creating academic plans, homeschooling families need to be intentional about socialization. Setting goals for what kind of adult you are looking to raise is important. Yes, we want to consider our children’s friendships and relational influences while they are young, but we also need to look farther into the future to find out what impact homeschooling has on our children’s social functionality in the long run.

Paul shares some fascinating insights on this topic that will certainly give you some excellent answers for those curious questioners the next time you hear, “But what about socialization?”.

In the comments, talk about how you ensure that your children have the social interactions that you want them to have and that are helping them to thrive! For those of you who have older children who were homeschooled, encourage those with young children with the stories of how your kids have ‘turned out’ and what positive impact homeschooling had on their adulthood.

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