When Should I contact HSLDA

By Dinah Whitton

On this home education journey every parent has moments of uncertainty. From the curriculum you choose to the way your children learn, questions are bound to arise. Fortunately, HSLDA members have access to homeschool experts along the way.

HSLDA Canada is thousands of members strong and is well known for providing homeschool support for over 25 years.

Many members tend to contact HSLDA when they are faced with legal issues that directly relate to their homeschool; and, when challenges with the school board or government agencies arise. However, you can also contact us with specific questions about how your child is progressing.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been on this path for a while, it’s normal to experience challenges with your children. Even if your children have not been diagnosed with a specific learning or physical disability, it’s ok to reach out for help if you have concerns. HSLDA’s Exceptional Needs Specialists support families with children of varying abilities.

In this short video, Samantha Cameron talks about the variety of issues she has helped families with over the past year – from ADHD to choosing curriculum and so much more! HSLDA members receive one free consultation per year with one of our Exceptional Needs Specialists. Our team is dedicated to helping all parents as they navigate through the challenges while homeschooling. Even if you just want to have a conversation about your recent observations, our team will be attentive to your concerns. This member service provides access to appropriate provincial resources, assistance with Individual Education Plans and advice specifically related to your child’s needs. Get started today by sending an email to: info@hslda.ca.

This is just one of the many benefits of being a part of the largest homeschool organizations in Canada. From the first day of your membership your family was granted access to various invaluable homeschooling resources. If you haven’t already, log into the member site and thoroughly browse around. There is literally a wealth of information specifically for every stage of home education. And if you still have questions, send an email to info@hslda.ca or create a help ticket on the member site and someone will connect with you in a timely manner.

HSLDA: your partner in your homeschool success

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