Home School Legal Defence Association Of Canada

With so many groups vying for your attention, you may be asking, “Why HSLDA?”

We’re so glad you asked!

We are fortunate to be homeschooling in a time such as this when there are many organizations willing to come alongside families like yours with resources to help you in your homeschool endeavor.

The Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada (HSLDA) has been defending the rights of Canadian families to educate their own children at home for over 20 years. In fact, HSLDA is the only organization in Canada that is expertly equipped to provide legal representation in disputes between homeschooling families and school board or provincial interference.

Having intervened in cases regarding the right to homeschool on both the national and international levels, HSLDA is a respected voice in the realm of educational freedoms.

Our members can attest to the wide variety of influence HSLDA has had and the difference that being a member has made to their ability to homeschool.

HSLDA advocated for the Woods family in a court battle with Youth Protection Services and the local school board. Karine, the mother of the family, said that HSLDA’s defence not only allowed them to keep homeschooling, but also strengthened their family. She says, “The school board probably doesn’t realize that their ‘persecution’ only makes us stronger. The children want to prove the school board wrong by showing how educated they will be at the end of the home education program: they are out to conquer the world!”

Ingrid: “I had problems with a doctor who called CAS on us. CAS’s complaints against us kept switching between how we fed our kids (even though they were on a doctor-prescribed diet) and that we homeschooled them (even though both kids were under 6 at the time). I really appreciated how HSLDA explained to me what was going on and how to behave when it came to dealing with CAS.” After counselling Ingrid and working with her, HSLDA was able to influence the situation and to ensure that CAS withdrew their complaint and finally left the family alone.

Our members know that they are protected on an individual level if issues arise. But they have the added security of knowing that HSLDA goes to court for homeschooling rights all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada to ensure that education laws and policies that would be offensive to homeschooling families do not get passed.

Joining HSLDA has numerous benefits, not the least of which is peace of mind. No other homeschooling support group can give you that. Call our office today and talk to our expert staff to learn more about why HSLDA is the right choice for your family.

There are so many priceless benefits of membership with HSLDA! Why are you homeschooling without us? Read on to discover all that HSLDA has in store for you!

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