Homeschooling can feel like an isolated journey sometimes. Despite our best intentions to not just hunker down with in the four walls of our homes, it can feel like a very solitary endeavour. Obviously, HSLDA wants you to feel our support and our availability for you as you teach your children at home. But when you need regular interaction with other homeschooling families, local support groups are a great way of building the community you need.

This week in the video update, Paul Faris speaks on the various ways of finding local support groups, he discusses various types of groups that exist (each with varying levels of commitment and varying goals), and he offers the help of HSLDA to you in your search for a group.

However, if you are living in an area where a local support group does not exist, Paul also challenges you to be the family that starts a really good thing for the homeschooling families in your area. There are many considerations to think through in the starting of a support group and HSLDA can help talk you through those questions.

In the comments: What is your experience of being in a local support group? Describe the type of group you are in and the benefits your family has experienced. Have you started a support group for the homeschoolers in your area? Describe what that process was like and share your insight with others who may be planning to start one. And if you are willing, let’s help others find a group by sharing appropriate contact information, or at least naming the city where your group is so we can help families get connected. Thanks!

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